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Does Your Mosquito Repellent Contain Deet?

15 Aug


Many mosquito repellents or sprays contain the chemical DEET, which I’m sure you’ve heard can be harmful to humans. Through long term exposure, when you spray it on your skin, it gets absorbed and eventually enters the bloodstream. It pumps through your nervous system and has been proven to kill brain cells, causing neurological damage. If you have heavy exposure to DEET, you may experience memory loss, headache, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, and shortness of breath.

So if you’re using a product containing DEET, follow the directions on the bottle. Don’t over-apply, and as soon as you go inside, wash your skin off with soap and water.

Look for insect repellents that are DEET-free. This is especially important for babies and kids as their skin is much thinner than ours.


Willow & Sage carries Organic Baby Insect Repellent (118ml) by Lafe’s Natural Body Care. A special blend of certified organic botanical oils to repel nasty insects that is:

  • Chemical and DEET free
  • Because what goes on your body goes in your body
  • Lafe’s uses only certified estrogenic activity free plastic, which is baby-safe
  • no BPA, no phthalates and no harmful chemicals

This handy sized bottle can be bought on our online store at www.willowandsage.com.sg. Free local postage within Singapore!

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